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Free Shipping on most orders $100+
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Our Story

Crown Your Life with Style!


At The Crooked Crown Boutique, we believe fashion and home decor are powerful forms of self-expression! Our founder, Kerri Chaney, has always had a passion for both style and interior design. Her eye for detail and love for clothing and curating beautiful spaces inspired her to create a unique shopping experience that combines chic fashion with elegant home decor. Our boutique offers a carefully selected range of clothing, accessories, and home goods that reflect Kerri's refined taste and dedication to quality. Whether you're looking for the perfect outfit or a statement piece for yourself or as a gift, you'll find it right here at The Crooked Crown.

Kerri's journey began with a simple love for beautiful clothing and home decor, which evolved into a mission to share her vision with others. She attends several markets throughout the year, personally hand-picking each item by touching, feeling, trying on, tasting and using the products. This hands-on approach ensures that every piece in our collection meets our high standards of aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship.

At The Crooked Crown, we strive to make every visit (whether in-person or online) an enjoyable experience, providing personalized service and expert styling advice to you, our friends. Join us in celebrating the art of fashion and home decor, and let us help you "Crown your Life with Style" that is as unique and stylish as you are!